Multidrill XL DR

The MULTIDRILL XL-DR is a ground drilling machine, especially designed for hammer drilling operations in fractured geology. Drilling simultaneously using casing and drilling rods substantially decreases mud loss. With its technological characteristics highly developed, it is deployable for water well drilling, ground surveys, seismic drilling, ground consolidation, planting micro piles, ….

Compact, strong and featuring modular build-up, this machine can be additionally equipped with various ancillary applications, and adapted for customer specifications.


  • Rods handling chuck
  • Rotary head with various torques and speeds
  • Drill rods storage magazine & rod manipulation system
  • Hydraulic air clamp
  • Alignment – wireline alignment
  • Drill fluid pumps (piston pump, rotor/stator, centrifugal, …)
  • Foaming pump assembly (triplex, duplex, quadruplex, …)
  • Single clamp – double clamp – triple clamp
  • Line lubricator for DTH drilling hammers
  • Generator/Welding machine
  • Casing pullers
  • Remote control for all drilling operations

More options available to adapt any machine to any specific needs.