Maintenance and repairs

AGIVA International is the place for maintenance and repairs of all mobile hydraulic installations.

A well maintained machine will provide the best results over its long lifespan. This approach assures all AGIVA Int clients of our dedicated maintenance service for installations of drilling rigs and all ancillary equipment. Our Maintenance Team is known for their well-grounded state-of-the art knowledge of all hydraulically powered machines. The workshop in Maldegem features a 10 ton retractable bridge, rotating benches, bending machines, welding machines, plasma burners, test equipment, mud tanks, hydrocarbon separator, … This way, everything is on hand to conduct all required activities in a solid, reliable and environmentally friendly manner. Likewise, AGIVA Int carries a huge supply of spare items and wear parts. This way, we can deliver accelerated service and guarantee that repairs will be done either on site or at the workshop.