Drilling rigs

Standard or custom drilling rigs.

At AGIVA Int’l the production of ground drilling rigs is in our DNA. Our company has more than 25 years of experience as importer of the Italian brand Fraste in the Benelux. But the original story actually started way earlier. The roots start at the grandparent of the current owner, who was a pioneer in the drilling industry. These years of experience helped the company with building the perfect drilling rigs for your company. We strive to deliver the perfect drilling rig for your needs. 

At AGIVA Int’l we don’t presume that drilling rigs are a standard product, but rather the result of custom work. Thanks to the expansive geological know-how that we possess, we look at all the regions our customers are active in to optimize the drilling rigs and the drilling techniques to the geological formation. This ensures that you get maximum returns out of your drilling rig.