About us

In the world of drilling machines, AGIVA International presents a perfect mix of passion and expertise, combined with the reliability of a family owned business. AGIVA is active in the field of design, construction and manufacturing of drilling rig installations since 1973. Aiming for optimal solutions to drill water wells and conduct environmental technical or geothermal drilling tasks, we will customize a proper machine for your needs, and equip it with all appropriate complementary tools. With our innovative experience-based know-how and excellent after-sales performance record, we will help you with all your ever arising needs.

AGIVA International is also the place to turn to when ordering any ancillary equipment related to ground drilling. We are proud to offer an entire range of products including drilling rods, drill bits, hammer bits or any other tools. We also carry the entire spectrum of chemicals, drilling fluid additives and clay.


At AGIVA Int, we aim to remain the leading company delivering equipment and ancillary tools for drill rigs. Customers are guided in the process of maximizing their efficiency, by developing customized designs and the application of intelligent solutions. Add to this the fact that we always keep the durability factor of a drill rig as primary amongst our objectives.