Mud recyclers

AGIVA Int’l develops and distributes desanding systems to recycling drilling fluids. This technology allows you to save water and additives. Our advanced systems will enable you to separate clay from sand, and to recycle water. On the other hand, drill fluid recycling systems will also help keep your site neat, for instance you won’t have to dig a mud pool for drilling fluids and the sand can be collected in a big bag. There are different drill fluid recycling systems available, starting with a system containing a mud recycling tank, transport belt and cyclone to a system featuring vibrating screens. A mud recycling tank can be built on a metal palette, on a crawler carrier or can be fitted with lifting eyes to ensure easy handling.


  • Maintaining a proper site.
  • Conservation of drilling additives.
  • Decreased water use.
  • Simplified removal of sand and clay.
  • Easily transportable.