Pumps with hydraulic drive

Hydraulic drive pumps for the drilling industry

Pumps are indispensable in the drilling industry, to remove the drilled material and cool down the bit one needs a drilling fluid, this is kept in motion by pumps that have to deliver certain pressures and flow rates to reach the desired depth. Through its years of experience, AGIVA Int'l has built up extensive knowledge of which pump is best suited for your drilling tower

Centrifugal pumps

AGIVA Int'l keeps a basic stock of free shaft centrifugal pumps of the Italian brand Caprari at all times. This type of pump is ideally suited for carrying out flushing drilling operations. Apart from the centrifugal pumps, we also sell the most common wear parts. This allows us to help customers quickly in the event of a breakdown. The following pumps are usually readily available from us.

  • CAPRARI MEC MR 65 3/2A
  • CAPRARI MEC MR 80 3/2A
  • CAPRARI MEC A 3/80

If, however, a pump is not in stock, AGIVA Int'l can deliver the right pump at very short notice thanks to good relations with its suppliers. 

Vacuum pumps

Furthermore, AGIVA Int'l also distributes Gormann Rupp or Seltorque suction borehole pumps. These suction pumps are only available on order. 

Submersible pumps

Besides centrifugal pumps, AGIVA Int'l also sells submersible pumps with a hydraulic drive.  AGIVA Int'l also has a stock of these submersible pumps to help you out quickly.

  • Ghedini HV17
  • DOA WP25

Other types of these pumps can also be supplied on request.