Grout pumps

AGIVA is your partner for grout pumps and grout mixers

After installing geothermal probes it’s required to fill the bore hole with grout The best results are achieved when using high Lambda value geothermal grout. A grout pump is required to pump the mixture to a drill hole. Agiva Int’l carries a large selection of grout injection machines. We sell grout pumps and grout mixers.A grout pump will simply pump grout, while a grout mixing machine will help you make that mixture using water and soil. Beside grout pumps, AGIVA Int’l carries grout as a starting component for all your drilling needs.

  • The Mac-Edil grout pump is a flow-through mixer that directly mixes and injects the dry grout into the borehole.
  • The Agiva Groutmasters first mix the grout with a colloidal mixer before storing it in a buffer tank. After this, it is injected into the borehole by a worm pump. 
  • The Agiva groutcentrale is a grout pump that can be used at very large yards. This pump consists of 2 storage tanks, a mixing tank and a very large buffer tank. In this way, the grout mixture can be made automatically.