Drill Bits

AGIVA Int’l is your one-and-only stop for drill bits.

You can rely on AGIVA Int’l to have a large selection of drill bits. We will help you stay on top in the drilling world, and select the right tools for every project. Would you like to increase the penetration rate of your drilling rig? Or, perhaps, you need help for a difficult project? Please contact us before or any time during your project. AGIVA Int’l is, after all, the specialist in the field of drill bits. We deliver not only the most popular kinds, but also those that are not widely available. AGIVA Int’l offers a well equipped workshop, where tools and accessories can be customized or even completely manufactured from scratch.

Types of drill bits

Wing drill bits

There are 3 types of wing bits:

First comes the standard wing bit. At AGIVA Int’l, we sell wing drilling bits that are not comparable to anything on the European market. This type of a drill bit is second fastest only to a PDC drill bit, and it is available in many sizes and with any number of wings. We also sell PDC drilling bits, this bit, provided with diamond inserts, features an extremely high penetration rate. As an alternative, we also carry EarthCrusher drill bits that, because of its carbon pointed teeth, present a less expensive version of a PDC drill.

You can rely on Agiva Int’l to have a large variety of Weld on wings for wing drill bits. With this large selection, it is possible to create a special type of a drill bit that would fit all your specific drilling methods, as well as replace the damaged knives of a wing bit with newer items. These knives are available in multiple sizes.

Roller drill bits

Beside wing drill bits, AGIVA Int’l carries a selection of roller drill bits to meet all your needs. These perform slower than wing drill bits, but are more suitable for hard layers. We recognize the difference between tooth drill bits and TCI insert bits.

Jet grouting Drill Bits

These Jet Grouting Drill Bits are suitable for grout injections after drilling. These are used primarily for foundation drilling.