Test kits for drilling mud

Agiva International offers all kinds of test kits for testing various parameters of drilling fluid.

Test strips are used to find out the hardness of the drilling fluid. After 15 seconds, the hardness of the drilling fluid is known. Besides high speed, these test strips are also very reliable test kits.

Marsh Funnel viscometer is a very easy way to know the viscosity of the drilling fluid on site. By using the funnel, a measuring beaker and a stopwatch, the viscosity can be read off very easily. The advantage of using a Marsh Funnel viscometer is that, based on the viscosity readout, certain conditions can be determined. Drill Fluid Additives can be added to increase or decrease viscosity.

To find out the pH of the drilling fluid, use a pH meter. The digital pH meter you can find at Agiva International works fast, is easy to calibrate and very reliable.

In order to determine the density of the drilling fluid, we recommend that the Mud Balance Model 140 to use. Its special design makes it a very reliable, accurate and robust scale. This makes it perfect for use on the construction site.