PDC Drill Bits

AGIVA offers it’s customers a selection of PDC wing drill bits: these are fast wing bits suitable for drilling in soft and medium to hard formations (such as clay, pebble stone, sand, chalk formations, sandstone, dolomite or mixtures thereof). This type of a drill bit is provided with inserts made of polycrystalline diamond, it makes a drill bit somewhat more durable than other traditional wing drill bits. PDC drill bits distributed by AGIVA have some characteristics and advantages of a wing drill bit, in comparison to other types of PDC drill bits. If required, damaged knives can be easily replaced and generally they are less expensive than conventional PDC drill bits. Further, this type of drill bits, as opposed to conventional PDC drill bits, is much better suited for dealing with stoppages. This makes these bits ideal for mud drilling operations. The last, but not least advantage, is that these wing drill bits achieve speeds twice as high as that of conventional PDC bits. Finally, PDC wing drill bits have a penetration rate twice as high as that of conventional PDC bits.

To increase durability, tungsten-carbide inserts are mounted on wings, which extends their service life, and makes repairs easy by replacing it with new tungsten-carbide or PDC inserts.

Drill bits with 3, 4, or 5 wings are available in a large selection of sizes and wire types.


  • Faster drilling.
  • More sustainable than other types of drill bits.
  • Repairable.
  • Savings on fuel.
  • No need to sharpen PDC inserts.
  • Drilling operations completed faster