Earth Crusher Bits

Agiva introduces fast drilling “EARTH CRUSHER” Wing Drill Bits. These drill bits, suitable for soft and medium to hard formations (such as clay, pebble stone, sand or mixtures thereof), are successfully used for extremely fast vertical drilling operations in geothermal environment or water wells. The advantage of using these drill bits has proven itself repeatedly throughout Europe.

Tungsten carbide tipped drilling teeth are firmly anchored in the easily weldable point holders, whereby the impact resistance is assured during the drilling. Drilling teeth and point holders are calculated to a precise measurement, whereby the drilling teeth wear and tear process is optimally determined by the welding power used. A high power factor results in resistance to high strain, which prolongs the drilling bits service life. A tungsten carbide layer breaks off less during heavy operations, as compared to other types of drilling bits, such as wing or chevron drilling bits that are not provided with tungsten carbide supports. A tooth point holder assures impact resistance, for instance, when boulders are in the way.

Claws are placed obliquely in the direction of the drill to increase the effect of a drill bit on the ground. Hook measurements are determined by executing many tests with varying elements, and recently optimal results were achieved for drilling in different layers.

Drill bits with 3, 4, or 5 wings are available in a large selection of sizes and types of wires.


  • Extremely fast drilling
  • Utmost sustainable, strong tungsten carbide teeth
  • Made of wear resistant, high strain rate, heat resistant steel alloys
  • The design has been sufficiently tested under heavy stress conditions
  • Potential savings due to three advantages: high drill speed, less wear-and tear, and friendly drill bit prices
  • Drilling operations completed faster
  • Less fuel used due to higher efficiency
  • Drilling teeth are firmly mounted, ensuring that no drilling teeth will be lost during operations.