Innovation in drilling mud recycling technology

As one of the pioneers in the field of mobile drilling mud recycling solutions, AGIVA has gathered a wide knowledge about these systems and the necessities of the drilling contractors.This experience has led to the development of a new innovative product, the AGIVA MUDMAN, a versatile stand-alone mud
recycling unit build on a crawler. The AGIVA MUDMAN, differs from existing solutions, in such a way that it combines a conveyer belt, a 10” cyclone and a single shaker. The conveyer belt ensures an effective filtration of gravel and clay particles, while the cyclone filters out smaller particles as sand and silt. The cyclone output feeds a shale shaker screen to limit the humidity of the extracted sand and ensure a
limited loss of water during the med clearing process. This leads to cleaner jobsites, less water usage and lower consumption of polymers and bentonites.

The machine is developped with limited dimensions to allow easy movement and operation in small spaces. the weight of the machine is as low as 3.000 kg, to be able to transport it together with the drilling rig on a single truck.

The unit is radiocontrolled to ensure easy operation and safe movement across the jobsite. In terms of power unit, AGIVA has selected a 53 kW engine, so enough remaining power for the installation of
options as a centrifugal mud pump, a suction pump or a high pressure cleaner.