Agiva Int. Direct Fluid Circulation Drilling Masts

Our direct fluid circulation drilling masts will help you successfully execute a drill operation up to 11 meters in one go. Filters can be easily installed in a well for drainage or soil sanitation. AGIVA’s top priorities are quality, durability and safety. Choice of drilling masts produced by the Italian company Fraste is obvious.


  • Mounting on excavator, mini excavator starting at 3.5 ton.
  • Filters can be placed in the ground through a drill rod.
  • Pull up force is 1 500 kg to 4 500 kg.
  • Course can be from 2 to 7 meters.
  • Control through available interface functions in the cabin.
  • Free fall function available for an efficient drilling process.
  • Alternative mounting on other hydraulic construction machines: tractor, telehandler, … depending on transport limitations and stability status of the entire machine-drilling rig structure.
  • Alternative applications: auger drilling (hollow and solid augers), water wells drilled by direct or reverse fluid circulation drilling methods.


After mounting a direct fluid circulation drilling mast, it is always sufficiently tested for correct functioning of all properties, and primarily on safety. The stability of the entire structure in working position, as well as in transport, is subjected to the most critical tests.

The direct fluid circulation drilling masts are built according to the current safety standards and machinery guidelines. Thereupon, the direct fluid circulation drilling masts are approved by an authorized independent agency issuing a CE certificate. Clients receive detailed documentation (manual, list of parts, certificates, diagrams, …). The AGIVA team of professionals are always ready to assist and to provide training for the first time use of a machine.

This way, we guarantee to all our clients to provide the best service with the best machine meeting all safety requirements.


  • Radiographic controls (controls excavator).
  • Winch
  • Counter slide in this way the mast can be moved relative to the boom of the excavator
  • Hydraulic rod guide rollers.
  • Side shift
  • Drill pipe wear sub to build in drilling rods so water wells can be drilled effectively. The depth dependents on the capacity of the drill mast.