Mac-Edil grout pump

This machine processes dry grout which it transports via an auger to a closed mixer where water is added via the water pump. Immediately after the mixer, a worm pump is mounted that pumps the mortar through the hose to the well. The machine has the advantage of being able to produce dry mortar directly from bags or dry pre-mixed mixtures of cement/sand/bentonite from bags, a silo or liquid mortar from a concrete mixer or horizontal force mixer. This type of machine is available in both hydraulic and electric versions. Below you will find an overview of the specifications of the Mac-Edil grout pump.

Required voltage400 V12-24 V
Rate of fluid flow20-39-45-60 l/min15 – 40 l/min
Pumping distance60 m40 m
Engine7,5 – 10 PK 
Weight180 kg160 kg
Length1380 mm1600 mm
Width630 mm700 mm
Height1000 mm1000 mm

If required, the electric version of this machine can be hired.

If you wish to work with a buffer tank, you can choose the Agiva Groutmasters. If you often work on very large projects, we recommend the Agiva groutcentrale gets used.