FS 250

FS 250 – 12 ton pull up force – extremely compact and movable. This power structure is suitable for all drilling methods: direct fluid circulation, reverse fluid circulation, down the hammer drilling (DTH), Reverse Circulation hammer drilling, auger drilling, core drilling (classic and wire-line), and sonic drilling.

Developed for water wells, geothermal and soil investigating drilling projects, these can be built up on a truck or a crawler carrier with various attachments, as well as a Fraste rod manipulator for 4-5-6 meter rods. The machine can perform drilling operations up to a 45° angle.


  • Drill Rod Manipulator
  • Rods handling chuck
  • Rotary head with various torques and speeds
  • Mast dump for angle drilling up to 45°
  • Alignment – wireline alignment
  • Drill fluid pumps (piston pump, rotor/stator, centrifugal, suction pump …)
  • Foaming pump assembly (triplex, duplex, quadruplex, …)
  • Double clamp
  • Automatic SPT dynamic penetrometer for ground surveys
  • Compressor
  • Line lubricator for DTH drilling hammers
  • Generator/Welding machine
  • Casing pullers
  • Interlock safety tank
  • Remote control for all drilling operations
  • More options available to adapt any machine to any specific needs.