Multidrill PL.G

The Fraste Multidrill PL is a drill rig assembled on crawler carrier and is available in three versions: PL.A, PL.V and PL.G. The different between these three drilling rigs is that the mast is adjusted to the nature of work to be performed. This machine is extremely compact, fast, user friendly and easy to maintain.

This machine is perfectly suitable to carry out operations such as foundation drilling, anchoring, geotechnical operations, ground investigation, core drilling and small to medium water well drilling.


  • Rotary head with various torques and speeds
  • Winch
  • Fluid pump (rotor/stator, centrifugal, …)
  • Foaming pump assembly (triplex, duplex, quadruplex, …)
  • Double clamp
  • Automatic SPT dynamic penetrometer for ground surveys
  • Compressor
  • Line lubricator for DTH drilling hammers
  • Rods handling chuck
  • Generator/Welding machine
  • Casing pullers
  • SPT
  • Interlock security
  • Remote control for all drilling operations
  • More options available to adapt any machine to any specific needs.