Agiva groutcentrale

The Agiva groutmill is the ideal grout pump for grout processing on a large construction site. Thanks to the storage tank for water and grout and a control panel, the grout mixture can be automatically prepared with the right ratio of grout/water. In addition, this unit has a buffer tank of 1.2 m3 (can be enlarged if required) so that no grout needs to be prepared when filling a borehole.

Weighing cells are used to know if there is still enough material in the buffer tank, the grout tank and the water tank. The plant will be built in a 20-foot container and will be equipped with a hook lift system so that it can be easily transported.

This machine is built in consultation with the customer so that all customer requirements can be met.

If work is usually carried out on a small site, we refer you to the Mac Edil grout pump and to the Agiva Groutmasters