Mito 40 CS

Featuring the same properties as the MITO 40 ‘basic model’, the MITO 40 CS is additionally equipped with a separate power pack. Thanks to its extremely small size, this machine can perform work in cramped spaces, either inside or outside.

Fully hydraulic articulation system for drilling at an angle.

Designed specifically for construction work, such as placing micro piles, anchoring, and core drilling during ground investigation.


  • Modular build mast system
  • Different drill chucks with different speeds/Torque
  • Top Percussion drilling (drifter)
  • Rotary Percussion drilling
  • Various drill fluid pumps
  • Triplex, duplex pump
  • Line lubricator for DTH drilling hammers
  • Remote control for all drilling operations

AGIVA Int and Fraste can adapt the machine to any of your specific needs.