The Loopman, for fast and safe installation of geothermal loops
The AGIVA loopman is more than a reel for geothermal loops, it’s an innovative concept that has been designed without losing safety and ease of use out of eyesight. Contrary to other geothermal reels on the market, the Loopman has the ability to work in free fall mode, slowed down mode and even an emergency mode, that immediately stops the movement of the reel in case of emergency. Besides that, the Loopman is equipped with an “easy-to-use” system to adapt the reel to the roll-up diameter of the geothermal loops, ensuring that customers always have the free choice of loops supplier. Furthermore, AGIVA designed the loopman for single and double loops. In short, the AGIVA Loopman is a device, that offers you and your staff peace of mind.