Multidrill XL 170

With excellent track proven for such parameters as size, compactness, deployability and power, a MULTIDRILL XL ground drilling machine is the absolute best selling model in the Fraste collection. The XL 170is compact, multifunctional, powerful and adaptable for any drilling method, was designed to perform the most demanding tasks. An innovative interface allows the operator to have a superior oversight of the surrounding environment. Superior results, fast deployability, attention to detail and operator safety all combine to make MULTIDRILL XL 170 an extremely efficient machine.


  • Hydraulic Drifter drill head
  • Rotary head with various torques and speeds
  • Rods handling chuck
  • Drill rig mast extension
  • Hydraulic air clamp
  • Drill rod Carousel
  • Alignment – wireline alignment
  • Drill fluid pumps (piston pump, rotor/stator, centrifugal, …)
  • Foaming pump assembly (triplex, duplex, quadruplex, …)
  • Double clamp
  • Automatic SPT dynamic penetrometer for ground surveys
  • Compressor
  • Line lubricator for DTH drilling hammers
  • Generator/Welding machine
  • Casing pullers
  • Interlock safety tank
  • Remote control for all drilling operations

More options available to adapt any machine to any specific needs.